Baptist do not Christen babies. They dedicate them in the tradition of Jesus, by lifting them up to the Father to be blessed of him.

Dedication of a baby is a Christian act that can be carried out only by those who adhere to Christian doctrines: Therefore, only Christians in harmony with the teachings of Jesus and the Church can truthfully offer children in dedication.

Under no circumstances, will the Pastor allow unwed mothers and fathers to offer their baby in dedication. To do so would sanction a lifestyle inconsistent with the teaching of the Church.

If the unwed mother has been reconciled with the Lord, she may stand and present the child for dedication.

No person involved in the dedicatorial service should be under the influence of alcohol. The Pastor reserves the right to discontinue a service wherein he, suspects that any member of the party is under the influence of alcohol.

If this service is to be held during a regular worship service, all persons who will stand should be seated near the front of the sanctuary.