TEACHERS:  Lola Pittman & Sharon Vinson
TEEN CLASS          
AGE:  13-17 years old
TEACHER:  Eva Mitchell

In this class we use engaging spiritual resources for all children/youth. Students are able to dive deeper into spiritual study and teachers show them practical ways to apply what they learn in the class to their everyday life. The class materials are designed to be easy-to-read and understand and help to discover what is written in the Bible and help answer any questions.


Our goal is to keep the message simple, plant a seed, and let God grow the seed. Johnston Piney Grove Missionary Baptist Church’s Bible Study is a place to find out how God’s Word relates to your everyday life and how it can give you deep roots to weather the storms that will come your way.

Why should “I” go to Bible Study each week?

Can you tell by looking at trees which ones have deep roots and which ones don’t? One tree may look really sturdy and healthy, but the real test comes when a bad storm or hurricane comes. If the tree has deep roots, it will be able to stay standing during the fiercest of storms. But, if it has only shallow roots, the wind and rain will be able to easily cause the tree to be uprooted and destroyed.